Monday, August 18, 2014

Movement affects our mood...

I am grateful for...Yoga

Here's a link to the Tedx Talk I mentioned in class last week. Watch it... then stand up and take a full body stretch!

Hope to see you in class soon!!
xoxo, Nan

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Girl's Night Out...On The Farm...

I am Grateful for my friend Jill's compassionate heart...

All of us have been touched by a cancer diagnosis in some form or another,  I have a pink ribbon tattoo on my wrist... it is a matching one to my breast cancer survivor sister Susan. It is in honor of her and also a daily reminder to always be grateful for my health, family & faith. So when Jill asked if Morning Glory would host Core Compassion Project scholarship fundraiser event, the answer was of course... YES, we would be honored to.
Take a look at the press release below to see what an awesome opportunity you have to enjoy a "Girl's Night Out on the Farm" and spread the love at the same time!

Girl’s Night Out to Benefit Core Compassion Project
A Union County charitable organization will host a Girl’s Night out to benefit Core Compassion Project.  Core Compassion Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering Pilates scholarships to cancer patients to attend a specialized program to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments and recover their mobility, strength, and range of motion following breast cancer surgery.  Your support of this event will go towards the scholarship of a local cancer survivor in the community and will allow them to have private sessions at partnering Pilates and fitness studios.
Girl’s Night Out to benefit Core Compassion Project will be held on September 19th, 6:00pm-9:00pm at the beautiful Morning Glory Farm, 6205 Kate Road in Monroe, North Carolina.   The event food will be provided by Kate Clyde's Catered Creations and music provided by Jimmy Huntley of Bass/FX.  Donations for raffle prizes and game winners have been secured from generous, local Union County businesses.  Cancer survivors will be in attendance and celebrated with a special designation.
Those interested in coming to this event should RSVP by prepaying a $25 entry fee with cash, check or Paypal ( Non PayPal payments can be mailed or delivered to Core Studio Pilates & Yoga - PO Box 512 Monroe, NC 28111 or call 704-288-3898for more information.  Your $25 includes:  full buffet with dessert and beverages, prizes for raffle winners and best dressed, 1 raffle ticket and a goody bag.

There will be several raffle prizes awarded the night of the event ($5 per ticket) and Core Compassion Project will be selling great t-shirts to commemorate the event. If you cannot attend this wonderful event but would love to make a donation in any amount, you can do that through either Paypal ( or mail check to Core Studio Pilates & Yoga with Core Compassion Project as the payee.

For more information


Monday, April 15, 2013

What I Learned Last Week

I am Grateful for Jody...

I went to my college sorority sister Jody Linker's funeral last week, it still doesn't seem real...too young, too soon, so much more life to experience.  My take away was to enjoy each day and share that joy with others.
Even as her physical body was failing she was able to reconnect all of us who hadn't been in touch for almost 30 years, inspire us all with her courage and uplift  us with her sweet spirit and testimony to God's amazing Grace.

I saw Jody or JoDee as I called her twice after learning of her illness. At both visits she was upbeat and funny as ever with her quick wit and dry sense of humor. I wrote these Jodism's in my journal afterwards:
  • ask for forgiveness & especially offer it to yourself
  • live fully
  • appreciate the small things like - going up and down steps - riding to the store or anywhere for that matter - sitting on your porch, the sun on your face
  • keep in touch with friends
  • sometimes you just need to indulge
  • grease is good for hangovers 
  • its never too late to make a new friend or be the kind of person you would like to be friends with
  • tell people what you want instead of having them bring a bunch of stuff you don't need
  • share your good lotion
  • its OK to be afraid
  • hug like you mean it
And as we stood around Jody and prayed together, those words that were chimed often on the 6th floor of Walker dorm so long ago, finally echoed true to me... "One Heart One Way"
Rest with angels my friend...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yoga's Power Poses

I am Grateful offerings are helpful in our life off the mat...

Towards the end of last year I taught a class with a theme of how our body language affects us and those around us.  The class was inspired by and revolved around a TED talk by Amy Cuddy I had watched recently. The "Power Poses" she refers to can easily be translated into a really nice expansive yoga sequence using very basic yoga postures (remember basic does not mean boring...) . I suggested to my students they may want to watch the entire talk.  Last week I had a student say she not only watched it; but, had her children watch it as well, AND she used the advice in a workplace conflict and truly felt it made a big difference in the way she handled the situation. I LOVE it when our yoga goes off the mat! If you are stuck inside today (weather has lots of yoga cancelled here in the Monroe, NC area) watch this video and perform the power poses she offers, think tall spine, expansive inner body & wide open heart! Enjoy the confident peaceful feelings that follow:)

Published on Oct 1, 2012
Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how "power posing" -- standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident -- can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Fascinating Fabulous Feet

I am grateful for... our fascinating, fabulous feet

I was chatting with a couple of students last week after class, we were sitting on the floor and I  placed my fingers between my toes, rolled my ankles around and did some foot stretches  while we talked. They just sort of looked at me kinda funny and asked what I was doing...I realized I haven't taught a foundation yoga foot focused class in long while. So whether you are planning on revving up your fitness routine as a New Years resolution or simply have been hitting the pavement hard with the Christmas Holiday rushing around this class is  for you. We will explore some basic foot anatomy along with yoga poses that benefit our feet, ending with some feel good foot massages. Hope you join me this week in one of my classes!

Friday, October 19, 2012

What's up with your blog?

I am grateful for the questions.... last week I had a student ask "what's up with your blog?" Wow I was like "what blog" yes, it has been that long since I visited these pages, my last teaching schedule update was June! You wonder if people read what you put out there, you wonder if people hear what you say in class, you wonder if any of it matters? Then someone tells you they miss it, or refers someone to your class or smiles in a way that lets you know you have been heard...I had one of my summer college students email with questions for a research paper and as I was answering I realized this space is as much for me as it is for others, it is a place to write the questions and sometimes the answers, mostly just thinking out loud ....hope you enjoy

Hello Mrs. Nan!

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for my research paper. I know you have many other things going on, so I don't need an immediate response- as long as I receive your answers sometime next week preferably! These questions are mainly opinion questions based on your knowledge and learnings since practicing and teaching yoga. 

1.     How did you first get started practicing yoga and how long have you practicing as of today? How long have you been teaching yoga? I started practicing in 1998 mainly out of was something not many people were doing, sort of edgy and I was running lots and had extremely tight hamstrings and quadriceps that were happy to enjoy a little stretching instead of constant strengthening & pounding from running. My practice wasn't consistent at all back then. I have been teaching & practicing regularly since 2007.

2.     What motivated you to become a yoga instructor? I fell in love with the way yoga made my me feel both on & off the mat and really just wanted others to have that as well. I wanted to practice more consistently and if I was teaching I had to continue to learn so that my classes could be fresh & new and ever expanding:) So I guess it was really a little wanting to help others and help myself in the process:)

3.     Do you believe yoga has health benefits? Have you yourself been benefited or know of someone who has been benefited in terms of health due to regular yoga practice? Oh my goodness yes, yes & yes! I had a nagging chronic pain in my left leg for years (I mean like 5 or so years) I chalked it up to running without proper stretching, etc. I went to an orthopedist, had x-rays done, went to an acupuncturist, massage therapist, active release therapist and could not find relief... I thought I'd just have to live with it. I had been doing a vinyasa free flowing yoga for a while at this point. Then I started studying & practicing Anusara yoga (an alignment based Hatha yoga) and after about 6 months of regular alignment corrections by my teacher the pain just vanished! One day I tried to feel it and it just wasn't there anymore, truly it works & that's just on the physical offers so much more, I am a believer! my story plus many others can attest to the many benefits of a regular practice.

4.     Do you believe that yoga has the power to heal certain medical conditions? I guess it really depends on the condition you are talking I think it can help alleviate the symptoms and work in conjunction with traditional medicine using an integrated health care approach toward healing,  yes, I wholeheartedly do.

5.     How can yoga affect a person's attitude or perspective? Yoga's benefits include greater flexibility & strength, improved energy levels & sleep, and a calmer, more contented mind. People love it because it is not only a powerful way to get in shape physically; it is also a fantastic way to feel more emotionally harmonious. or you could simply say there is so much truth in the old axiom "Move a muscle change a feeling" 

6.     Do you believe yoga can decrease stress levels? yes, especially when the breath is emphasized throughout your practice. Yoga offers a holistic approach to coping with the challenges of daily life. With everything so forward focused it gives us a chance to just breathe into the now, to be present with whatever we are experiencing at the moment.

7.     What do you believe are the most important or biggest benefits of practicing yoga? it makes people feel better, and when you feel better you behave better. I can  honestly say that I am not better than anyone else; but, I am infinitely better in every measurable way than I was before yoga.

8.     What does it mean to have a unification of the body and mind? For me personally it simply means choosing to step into the flow of Grace, accepting it's pace and moving with not against it.

9.     Are there certain things you try to include in your classes to ensure that each individual is getting the most of their practice? yes, I always try to offer a personal analogy that corresponds with the heart based theme and physical postures we will be working on to make them more meaningful for each student.  I try to include things that are approachable for the majority of the class (teach to who is in front of me rather than using a preset plan that can't be deviated from) and also an element of challenge to foster expansion and individual growth. Allowing students to learn that they are capable of so much more than the limited ideas they have of themselves.

10.   What does yoga mean to you? Freedom:)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am grateful for Experience...



  1. wise or skillful in a particular field through experiencean experienced teacher.
  2. having learned through experience taught by experience.
  3. endured; undergone; suffered through.

This came in the mail last week and as I updated my  Bio with E-RYT  = Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher I thought what does that really mean?

For Yoga Alliance, the main governing body of yoga professionals it means  that I have taught over 1000 documented hours of yoga...and fulfilled and/or  exceeded the required continuing education hours.
For Studios where I teach it means that I have obtained a certain level of training and credibility to safely lead their classes, especially important since yoga has gained popularity and just about anyone can take a weekend workshop and hang out a yoga teacher shingle.
For my dear students it means  that I so appreciate the early classes where they (like #3 in the definition above) endured, underwent and suffered through - hopefully not on a physical level -  my first attempt at leading  yoga classes, as well as (#2 )  allowed me to learn along with them through experience which can only be gained through direct interaction in the laboratory of the classroom, so that now I can hear my own voice more clearly and see a unique teaching style emerge. And if... (as in #1)  I'm a bit wiser and more skillful as a teacher it is only because of that experience we shared.
For me it means I've been around the yoga block a few times, and though I feel more comfortable taking the "seat of a teacher" I am first and foremost a student and I will continue to practice, study and teach as I  endeavor to uncover my own true self.

Friday, May 18, 2012

On being the "Farmers Wife"

Sandy & Little Annie May 17th 2012

I am grateful for...The Farmer

Anticipation at the birth of new baby goats soon to arrive on the Farm. Excitement and celebration - then disappointment that one sweet kid didn't survive. Sandy, the mother of two and one of the first goats  to join us on the farm seemed so tired - the surviving baby goat- healthy walking around so very adorable. We kept a close watch on Sandy all day, she seemed overly lethargic - the vet said probably just a hard labor. Then about 7:00 pm she took a turn for the worst. We quickly called the vet who was an hour from us and our wonderful neighbors, Leslie, Brittany and her husband Cody, who came right away. Sandy was in such distress, I wrapped my arms around myself in an embrace as if to hold back my fears. She was dying, I knew it, and I couldn't bear to watch. I didn't have the courage of my husband, "the farmer". She was struggling with every breath, as if she knew she should stay and care for her baby; but, she wanted to go and be free of her body...
I went into the house watching the clock wishing the vet would arrive and "fix her", I blamed myself for not calling the vet sooner. But there was nothing that could have been is the way of things on the farm.

Just like any other good mother Sandy continued to give to her baby even in death. Our neighbor Brittany, a wonderful animal loving friend helped the farmer milk Sandy after she had passed, so that the life giving nutrient rich mothers milk could be fed to her baby - we named her Annie, little orphaned Annie.
I returned to the Barn to find the farmer, the vet and my neighbors standing with ready words of comfort for me, the farmers wife...I talk in my yoga classes of being strong on the outside soft on the inside, yet I found at that moment I was neither - the farmer was both...Strong, courageous he stroked Sandy as she laid her head on his lap and breathed her last, he carried her off to be buried this morning and softly, gently caressed little Annie as he tended to my emotions explaining that Sandy was calm and unafraid at the end...
Leslie, Cody and Brittany, experienced in the ways of baby goats, took little Annie home with them to teach her to nurse from a bottle. I am so grateful for the farmer, my neighbors, the vet (community & love).
As I went to sleep I wondered why we love deeply when it hurts so badly to loose and then when I awoke this morning to the sound of wind chimes, chirping birds, an occasional rooster crowing, the earthy smell of a freshly plowed field and the beauty that surrounds me daily...
I am Grateful...
I thought of all the miraculous births we have been blessed with on the farm since moving here in May of 2006- and I am reminded that although I wouldn't have the sadness of Sandy's loss in the cul de saq I also wouldn't have the joy of Annie's birth either...
I am grateful...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yoga back

I am Grateful for another round of Yoga 101...

The launch of Core's Beginner Series has been a hit! We are so excited to build a community and help new friends discover the benefits and wonders of having a yoga practice.

Our next series begins in just one week from now. If there is anyone in your life who would benefit from yoga, now is the time to share this opportunity with them!

Click here to get the full scoop.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Faith, Hope & LOVE

I am Grateful for FAITH, HOPE & LOVE...

This week in my yoga classes I decided to use the Cinco De Mayo theme and talk about the unlikely victory that is the basis of the the odds were against them; yet, they persisted and won the battle.

How we love it when the underdog wins, maybe somewhere deep inside we all believe that no matter how the cards are seemingly stacked against us... if we do our best, have faith, hope, believe in the process, love ourselves enough not to give up when the future seems bleak ...the light will eventually shine  and overcome the darkness, we can & will succeed..the seeds of possibility were not dead, only dormant waiting for their chance to reveal themselves at the most opportune time...

Then as I watched the replays of the derby yesterday and the winner a most unlikely choice, odds were 15 to 1 against the victor "I'll have Another" and as he came up from behind to win the prestigious tittle we get another glimpse into what the realm of possibility looks and feels like.

In one of the feeds I subscribe to I saw this short video on  the belief in possibilities and the power of transformation is truly BEAUTIFUL...if you need inspiration to achieve a goal or are feeling unmotivated, beaten down in any way...Please watch & share...

xoxo, Nan

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Go with the Flow...

COCO chillin on the Farm captured by Melissa of Timeless Exposures
I am Grateful for...

The ability to learn new things....
finally after way too much contemplation (I definately have the paralysis of analysis) I decided to write my first blog post over at the Morning Glory Farm Blog was ready ideas started forming, photos were selected, I sat down to begin. it all started well until I tried to review my post. The issue is that it is a Wordpress different can they be really? After a frustrating half hour I decided to head over to more familiar territory and hammer out a good old blogger post to get back into the swing of things...only to find that...the blogger format has changed....has it been that long since I blogged???. I am sure I can figure out how to publish, and if you are reading this then I guess I did; but, what I learned that - things are constantly changing - and I can embrace that change (whether I am happy about it or not) 'cause it's happening anyway... or I can lay around, like Coco aka Barn Kitty, wishing things would stay the same...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Anusara...and so it goes...

I am wondering why I am even writing this? Really it's just for me I guess, like a stage I must go through or a rite of passage, something that needs to be recorded, noticed, remembered...
If you are new to the issues facing the Anusara Yoga Community you can catch up at for the most unbiased coverage of events. To summarize the my sweet Mama would have said "John Friend founder of Anusara got a little too big for his yoga britches". This is not meant to trivialize the gravity of the allegations against John Friend or those who have been irreparably damaged by his actions, it is not for me to judge; however, Ahimsa or non-harming is one of the first teachings every yoga student learns...and harm he has, whether intentional or not.
So I have decided to discontinue my active pursuit of inspired status with Anusara. I will forever be grateful for the many gifts and brilliant teachers Anusara brought to my yoga practice. I will continue to live in alignment with it's life affirming message and practice as well as teach it's precise bio-mechanical alignment principles. As with many of my fellow teachers, my students know little of John Friend & Anusara, Inc. other than what I share in classes, there will not be any changes in the way that I teach other than maybe a renewed sense of freedom and creativity. In order for my classes to be labeled as "Anusara Style" I had to teach in a certain way and at times it felt constricting... I noticed this week in my classes, the teaching was clearer, more authentic to my own voice, it felt freer, it felt good.
So I will continue to study with my dear teachers and others I am drawn to & I will continue to share what I learn from a place of fullness, with a humble open heart; and that, I believe will honor my students & teachers past and present better than any title or trademark attached to my name ever could...

I hope to practice with you soon!

Big Bright Yoga Love,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainy Day Yoga...

I am grateful for dedicated yogis...

 Some days it's just so tempting to stay home and stretch out on the couch instead of heading to the studio...not in Monroe! The Beyond Basic Class was full of bright shiny new yogis and few seasoned regulars! So happy to see everyone. Our theme was "Purna" or fullness, Ardha Chandrasana (half-moon) was our apex pose. They really rocked it out -  bursting open like a stars as they balanced on one leg and fingertips. It is such a wide open pose requiring strength and flexibility, it's one of my favorites. I bet Teddie (my sweet dog) wishes he would have made the effort now... Glad for those that did! Class was FULL and fun! Thanks for playing...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Yoga 101 Reflections...

I am grateful for beginning yoga students...

Our four weeks went by so fast! We Om'd, Stretched, Laughed, Bent, Breathed, Played, Folded, Balanced,Twisted, Extended, Fell, Talked, Rested and so on....

These beginners really upped my game, they were so very open, receptive and honest about what was being offered, it is so freeing to approach life this way, they did not hold back a grimance, moan or spare me the looks like "what the ____ did she just say to do? Seriously?" I had to be so clear in my teaching & demonstrations...AND they also didn't hold back their gratitude or bright beautiful smiles either. It was fun, hard, deep, wonderful!
They made me a better teacher as I was reminded of all there is yet to learn and how we truly do begin again each time we step on the yoga mat or into our lives with a willing heart.
So even though I may never uncover all the wonders of this ancient practice or totally understand how & why it's many gifts manifest in our lives, what I do know is that from someplace deep within I have to share it...this awesome group reminded me why....
With  Deepest Respect & Big Bright Friday Love,

Friday, January 20, 2012

Meaning of Namaste...

I am grateful for new ways of sharing old ideas...

We talked about the meaning of Namaste in our Yoga 101 class today. I love this utube version check it out. Also here is a reminder from Saturdays lesson:

Namaste. This is my favorite Sanskrit word because it’s fun to say–nah’-mah’-stay. It means: The divine light within me salutes the divine light within you. My incredibly simplified translation: I’m awesome. You’re awesome. All these other people are awesome. Isn’t it awesome that we just practiced yoga together? Thanks for your defined by: Erica Rodefer of

Friday, January 13, 2012

Our first Farm Baby of 2012...isn't she beautiful!

I am grateful for new births...

She was born on 1/11/12 these pictures were taken of her very first day. As the sun dried her damp fur she started fidgeting and moving about, uncertain but curious...she kept at it until her first attempts at standing landed her flat on the ground again. But something inside that forward pull for expansion that we all feel kept her at it until she prevailed and took her first woobely steps in the world, now today two days later, after much practice she is still woobely and sort of runs in fits and starts, her movements are sporadic and jerky they haven't become slow and graceful like her mothers who has learned not to rush about frantically; but, slow and steady will get you there. She has learned from experience that grazing in the pasture is just as rewarding sometimes more so that getting to the barn...

Oh My Goodness! did I just get a yoga lesson from my new precious baby cow? I am teaching a beginner series and I LOVE teaching beginners, they are so open hearted, curious and ready to learn. Sometimes though we all can get frustrated if our first attempts at learning yoga (or anything new for that matter) are less than stellar, maybe we are woobley in our postures,  frantically wrestling an uncooperative body into unusual positions...
        May we learn from my baby cow to stick with it, practice, listen to the gentle nudging from our souls    that it s worth it...
        May we relish the days of new beginnings, finding alignment and balance in our bodies, celebrating each new opening, enjoying the moment not focusing on the final pose and before you know it you just might be freely frolicking around your yoga mat!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Not to Wreck Your Body

How Not to Wreck Your Body

I am grateful for the trans-formative power of yoga...

The link above is a blog post comment on a NY Times Article about yoga, check it out. The beautifully written blog post reinforces what we talked about yesterday in Yoga 101:

  • learn correct alignment
  • listen to your body
  • show-up and do the practice
Thanks for showing up yesterday! More to come soon...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to Yoga 101...2012

I am grateful for Beginnings...

Getting ready for the beginning of our beginning yoga series...this Saturday January 7th

Our theme for the series is "Transformation"
Definition of transform: to change the form or appearance of, to change the condition, nature, or function of.

I am researching, planning, practicing & eagerly anticipating our time together....

Here are some things to remember before our first class:
1.   Eating/Drinking: It is best to let meals or snacks digest before
          coming to class. Give yourself 2 hours after a meal before practicing
          yoga and 1 hour after a snack. You may drink water during class as
          needed, but you may feel more comfortable if you hydrate prior to
2.   What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too
          loose but stretchy.
3.   Bring: A yoga mat, hand towel, and water. We will have a few mats available if needed and other necessary yoga props for your convenience.
4.   Get there early: Please arrive up to 15 minutes early to fill out our health questionnaire and other forms, get changed if needed, and settle in.
5.   After you arrive: Take off your shoes and socks before you walk
         into the room and place them in the cubies located just inside the                     
studio door. Turn your cell phone off.
6.   Communicate: If you have any injuries or limitations, please notify
          me before class begins so I can help you stay

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes...

I am Grateful for ALL of it...
I guess the biggest change is that on 11-11-11 (how's that for a date to remember) Scott & I sold Refreshment Services... the company  we started in our basement all those years ago...16 years reduced to 5 boxes, still waiting to be unpacked.
Then after much thought, I turned in my notice at the Aquatic Center, where I took my first ever Yoga class with the wise & wonderful "Ann" back in 1998 (OMG can't believe it's been that long ago). The same Aquatic Center where I was given my first (other than brave friends and family) Yoga Teaching opportunity in 2007, where the yoga students are enthusiastic & committed and the staff is so supportive. I have enjoyed teaching there and will always be grateful for the start, experience, confidence and most of all the dear friends I gained through the years.
So why leave, why sell, why now?
The time is right... Scott says the time to sell is when someone wants to buy. The time to leave is, well...when you have that feeling that it's time to move forward, you must let go of some things in order to make room for others. The "Nan"analogy that I've used this week in my Classes is that in college my boyfriends (now husband) car didn't have a reverse, it couldn't go backwards only forward - true story- so as we reflect back on this past year or years we can be grateful for ALL of it, Celebrating ALL of it, yet still going forward into the New Year, leaving the past year (years) behind, no reverse, no regrets... welcoming ALL that is to come...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Jackson & Maggie

I am grateful...

I didn't send Christmas Cards this year, just didn't get around to it...if I would have made them I think this would have been the photo I chose...I love the spontaneous smiles, the ones that happen before we all get grumpy from too much forced family fun together. I hope you and yours are enjoying the season and each other!

So much Love,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

No Snow...this time around

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I am grateful for flexible plans...

We were to leave on our annual Christmas ski trip today...last year there was so much snow...this year, not so much! So we canceled, and I am here at my computer. Although  disappointed I am using my Anusara yoga mind set of "Starting each day looking for the Good first". Since I had planned on being away this week I am not teaching anywhere SO I can practice with all my favorite teachers and enjoy a staycation with my family...I think it will be great!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yoga 101...January 2012

YOGA 101...   a 4 week workshop series
Heard the buzz about yoga but didn't know where to start? Taken a class and felt lost? This 4 week series is for the new beginner or anyone wanting a step-by-step review of the basics!

  • Price: Entire 4 week series only $32.00! + Bonus 5 class pass at special rate
  • Dates: Saturdays January 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th
  • Time: 11:00 til 12:00
  • Place: Core Studio Pilates (Historic Downtown Monroe)
2012... Start the New Year with the BEST Intentions!
Makes a great Christmas Gift!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Mantra...Thankful for ALL of it...

I am Grateful for ALL of it...
Last week we focused on the obvious things we were were thankful for...This week classes will explore the idea of being Grateful for criticism (not the first thing that comes to mind when you offer thanks). Just the word criticism brings forth a negative image for me. When we are criticized we either feel discouraged - physically deflate rounding forward, hunching shoulders down or we feel defensive - physically hardening our body, crossing arms, clenching our jaw, breathing and heart rate increase. We will work on remaining open, less defensive, seeking what we can learn. We can accept criticism with a open mind, heart and body. We can be Grateful for ALL of it...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home & Heart are full...

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I am Grateful for Holidays at Home...
Hoping your Thanksgiving Holiday has been especially Full!

Monday, November 21, 2011 is never to late to begin again...

I am Grateful for Fresh Starts...Beginning today I will start a gratitude journal and every day list at least three things I am grateful for... I have kept them in the past beginning in 2000 the year I first read "Simple Abundance - A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach and like my Yoga is a daily remembrance that "All we have is truly All we need"
I have written down what I am grateful for sporadically, now here is a commitment to a daily gratitude practice...because..."What I do everyday matters more than what I do once in a while"_Judith Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.

If you feel like you'd like to join me on this adventure...please do, we will encourage each other!
Bright Fall Blessings,