Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Fascinating Fabulous Feet

I am grateful for... our fascinating, fabulous feet

I was chatting with a couple of students last week after class, we were sitting on the floor and I  placed my fingers between my toes, rolled my ankles around and did some foot stretches  while we talked. They just sort of looked at me kinda funny and asked what I was doing...I realized I haven't taught a foundation yoga foot focused class in long while. So whether you are planning on revving up your fitness routine as a New Years resolution or simply have been hitting the pavement hard with the Christmas Holiday rushing around this class is  for you. We will explore some basic foot anatomy along with yoga poses that benefit our feet, ending with some feel good foot massages. Hope you join me this week in one of my classes!

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  1. Nan! I NEED this! I will check Core schedule to see when you are teaching this week.

    Miss you! Julia


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