Sunday, May 6, 2012

Faith, Hope & LOVE

I am Grateful for FAITH, HOPE & LOVE...

This week in my yoga classes I decided to use the Cinco De Mayo theme and talk about the unlikely victory that is the basis of the the odds were against them; yet, they persisted and won the battle.

How we love it when the underdog wins, maybe somewhere deep inside we all believe that no matter how the cards are seemingly stacked against us... if we do our best, have faith, hope, believe in the process, love ourselves enough not to give up when the future seems bleak ...the light will eventually shine  and overcome the darkness, we can & will succeed..the seeds of possibility were not dead, only dormant waiting for their chance to reveal themselves at the most opportune time...

Then as I watched the replays of the derby yesterday and the winner a most unlikely choice, odds were 15 to 1 against the victor "I'll have Another" and as he came up from behind to win the prestigious tittle we get another glimpse into what the realm of possibility looks and feels like.

In one of the feeds I subscribe to I saw this short video on  the belief in possibilities and the power of transformation is truly BEAUTIFUL...if you need inspiration to achieve a goal or are feeling unmotivated, beaten down in any way...Please watch & share...

xoxo, Nan

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  1. This is what it is all about! Jill


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