Friday, March 2, 2012

Anusara...and so it goes...

I am wondering why I am even writing this? Really it's just for me I guess, like a stage I must go through or a rite of passage, something that needs to be recorded, noticed, remembered...
If you are new to the issues facing the Anusara Yoga Community you can catch up at for the most unbiased coverage of events. To summarize the my sweet Mama would have said "John Friend founder of Anusara got a little too big for his yoga britches". This is not meant to trivialize the gravity of the allegations against John Friend or those who have been irreparably damaged by his actions, it is not for me to judge; however, Ahimsa or non-harming is one of the first teachings every yoga student learns...and harm he has, whether intentional or not.
So I have decided to discontinue my active pursuit of inspired status with Anusara. I will forever be grateful for the many gifts and brilliant teachers Anusara brought to my yoga practice. I will continue to live in alignment with it's life affirming message and practice as well as teach it's precise bio-mechanical alignment principles. As with many of my fellow teachers, my students know little of John Friend & Anusara, Inc. other than what I share in classes, there will not be any changes in the way that I teach other than maybe a renewed sense of freedom and creativity. In order for my classes to be labeled as "Anusara Style" I had to teach in a certain way and at times it felt constricting... I noticed this week in my classes, the teaching was clearer, more authentic to my own voice, it felt freer, it felt good.
So I will continue to study with my dear teachers and others I am drawn to & I will continue to share what I learn from a place of fullness, with a humble open heart; and that, I believe will honor my students & teachers past and present better than any title or trademark attached to my name ever could...

I hope to practice with you soon!

Big Bright Yoga Love,


  1. I admire your decisions and you have my full support. I LOVED your class Monday, and the beauty of the life lessons you teach in your classes are from YOUR soul. I know this decision did not come without a lot of thought, prayer and consideration. You have a gift and I am thrilled to be your student.

  2. Dear Jill,
    Many Thanks, that means so very much coming from you...I am blessed to have students, teachers and studio owners who love and support me and so lucky that you just happen to be all three of those! You always make my heart smile...xoxo, Nan


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