Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to Yoga 101...2012

I am grateful for Beginnings...

Getting ready for the beginning of our beginning yoga series...this Saturday January 7th

Our theme for the series is "Transformation"
Definition of transform: to change the form or appearance of, to change the condition, nature, or function of.

I am researching, planning, practicing & eagerly anticipating our time together....

Here are some things to remember before our first class:
1.   Eating/Drinking: It is best to let meals or snacks digest before
          coming to class. Give yourself 2 hours after a meal before practicing
          yoga and 1 hour after a snack. You may drink water during class as
          needed, but you may feel more comfortable if you hydrate prior to
2.   What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too
          loose but stretchy.
3.   Bring: A yoga mat, hand towel, and water. We will have a few mats available if needed and other necessary yoga props for your convenience.
4.   Get there early: Please arrive up to 15 minutes early to fill out our health questionnaire and other forms, get changed if needed, and settle in.
5.   After you arrive: Take off your shoes and socks before you walk
         into the room and place them in the cubies located just inside the                     
studio door. Turn your cell phone off.
6.   Communicate: If you have any injuries or limitations, please notify
          me before class begins so I can help you stay

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