Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes...

I am Grateful for ALL of it...
I guess the biggest change is that on 11-11-11 (how's that for a date to remember) Scott & I sold Refreshment Services... the company  we started in our basement all those years ago...16 years reduced to 5 boxes, still waiting to be unpacked.
Then after much thought, I turned in my notice at the Aquatic Center, where I took my first ever Yoga class with the wise & wonderful "Ann" back in 1998 (OMG can't believe it's been that long ago). The same Aquatic Center where I was given my first (other than brave friends and family) Yoga Teaching opportunity in 2007, where the yoga students are enthusiastic & committed and the staff is so supportive. I have enjoyed teaching there and will always be grateful for the start, experience, confidence and most of all the dear friends I gained through the years.
So why leave, why sell, why now?
The time is right... Scott says the time to sell is when someone wants to buy. The time to leave is, well...when you have that feeling that it's time to move forward, you must let go of some things in order to make room for others. The "Nan"analogy that I've used this week in my Classes is that in college my boyfriends (now husband) car didn't have a reverse, it couldn't go backwards only forward - true story- so as we reflect back on this past year or years we can be grateful for ALL of it, Celebrating ALL of it, yet still going forward into the New Year, leaving the past year (years) behind, no reverse, no regrets... welcoming ALL that is to come...

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