Sunday, March 6, 2011

Current Pantry Chaos

I am grateful for inspiration...

Organized I am not...if you know me then Ok that is an understatement, but, my intention is to work towards being more organized. Tomorrow March 6th is the kick-off day for my 30 day Vegan on line workshop offered by the super organized Heather which is one of things that drew me to her program, she has these gorgeous tranquil looking kitchen photos and so do lots of the other ladies who are participating, it is a very thorough program with shopping lists, recipes, snack ideas, nutrition resources and yes, suggestions on pantry organization. I plan on tackling that random grocery drop off area this week.  Heather along with her nutrition training is a yoga teacher as well! I only know her through a few brief email trades; however, I can tell she is this kind, open hearted soul who will like every good teacher, meet us where we are and encourage us to grow beyond our self imposed limits.


  1. I figured I should let you know that my kitchen organization is HORRIBLE! And hence no pictures up on that beautiful 30 Day Vegan site :-) You aren't alone!!

  2. Good to know! Thanks for the encouragement Heather.

  3. Mine's not as organized either. I also thought Heather's pictures were inspirational and I am about to tackle the pantry, now that it is the weekend. Loving all the recipes and inspiration from the workshop.

  4. Krystal, I am so happy to know there are more of us out there! Thanks for stopping by.


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