Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 3 of 30

I am grateful for time in the kitchen...
When Maggie got home from track practice, I was in the kitchen making dinner (she's always kidding me that I only cook when Jackson is home & when he's away at college her and Scott have to fend for themselves, which is sad but true, it has been easier just to pick something up for dinner or make something prepackaged. I know it is only day 3, but it is going really well, Heathers recipes are delicious, so far we've had the Black Bean & Quinoa Chili - the Quinoa gave it a really good meaty complaints from the carnivores in the house...and the Maple Roasted Root Vegetables were delicious.) OK I said all that to say if I wasn't doing this 30 day program I probably would not have been in the kitchen and would have missed a really fun time with Maggie as she made her 1st ever popcorn sans the microwave! Her small group leader makes it that way and taught her how, I explained that is the way my Daddy made it for me when I was a little girl in fact he would grow it in the garden and we got to take it off the cob for him to pop up for us. I can remember waiting anxiously for the fluffy warm goodness to take into the den and watch a movie that only came on once a year like Cinderella or The Wizard of Oz - no HBO, Netflix, DVR & you had to take care of things between commercials, no freezing the frame, I could go on. Not sure where that bit of nostalgia came from, anyway good times in the kitchen...making memories.


  1. I remember being in your kitchen waiting for a pie to come out of the oven, all of us standing around like vultures, and hardly waiting for it to cool before we dug in! Good memories for me in your kitchen too!

  2. Lydia, how about make your own pizza's after Friday night Football at Central!


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