Sunday, March 6, 2011

All things Local

I am grateful for fun weekends...

Scott and I just got home from Asheville and the Organic Growers School. It was a great weekend lots of information as always, stressing the importance of buying local. I went to some of the cooking demos and a presentation about yoga for gardeners which focused on opening the shoulders and low back health through proper alignment of the feet, hips and basic core strength.

Later on Saturday we went to the Green Life Grocery store, Scott was standing in line waiting on a sample of a local goat cheese and behind him in line was Andie MacDowell! I did a double take and then I think she could tell I had a-- is that Andie MacDowell-- look, so I just blurted out "you are even prettier in person" she so graciously said "that is really nice of you to say" but it was so true, she is lovely and genuinely nice she could have snubbed me instead of chatting it up until our cheese time came. I knew she lived locally but it was a fun surprise to talk with her.

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