Thursday, February 24, 2011

Renewal, take it as it comes...

I am grateful for the little purple flowers covering the fields.

Where do they come from, they weren't there last week, it was all brown and dull, then all of a sudden with the onset of some sunshine, rain and warm days they began appearing along with a green ground covering and a few buds on the cherry trees. I've heard some people talking about how they wish it would get cooler again, they are worried it's too soon for the renewal to begin it might freeze and they'll die off, it got me thinking about how our minds can gravitate to the future and miss all the beauty of the present moment, the now. I don't know what weather tomorrow will bring ( Scott often says he should have been a weather man, no pressure really, just take all the information available and give it your best shot - and if your right - then the weather will be what it is and if your wrong - the weather will be what it is anyway...) we deal with it...take it as it comes.
Susan goes for her second phase of reconstruction today, the renewal phase, the refinement. I'll let you know how it goes. Michael is taking her, I am taking Daddy to have a small basil cell area removed through the Mose surgical method today also. Busy medical day for the family, renewal, we take it as it comes...

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