Thursday, December 9, 2010

A New Normal

I am grateful for seat heaters in cars on cold mornings...

Susan is doing well, her doctor visits are cycling about every two to three weeks now. She is under the care of her cancer surgeon, plastic surgeon, oncologist, nutritionist, general practitioner,  & obgyn. She begins an 8 week conditioning program at the YWCA soon that will meet three days per week Monday & Friday cardio/strength training and on Wednesdays YOGA. They have a special floor devoted just for cancer patients with specialized programs, how cool is that? She is looking forward to regaining her strength and still gets frustrated at how weak she often feels, a  friend who underwent a similar procedure several years ago said she should just give herself about a year, some say more some say less, so we'll see.
 Things are starting to return to normal (which we all know is as the wise saying goes " just a setting on your hairdryer") Things change or maybe just the way we see them changes, what once appeared to be leaning, off center, falling, making our mind go tilt, tilt, tilt -  now appears grounded, regular, usual, normal. It's kinda like in Yoga when we go upside down everything appears different and it can be scary, but if you  take a minute to settle down readjust to the new way things are, we realize the room didn't change, we did...

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