Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am Grateful for Fall flowers...

Another beautiful Fall day, another day of spreading the yoga love. Mixed level worked on muscle energy, drawing in, creating strength and stability before expanding out.One of the talking points was that you need to nurture & take care of yourself before you can offer out to others.  Gentle/Therapeutic started an 8 week class plan following the format presented in the very informative book "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, Remember When it Didn't Hurt" by Esther Gokhale, L.Ac. we will focus on one lesson per week - todays was stretchsitting - sitting with a lengthened back. It's a book I referenced while working on a  research project in 2008, not a yoga book, yet full of beneficial, practical information whose ideas line up beautifully with the yoga I share. I was prompted to reread after learning that a friend (younger than me, Ok,  thats not so young but still) is having low back issues and contemplating a second back surgery;  my husband talking about low back discomfort after a day of gardening; and, on a recent hiking trip with 4 other couples nearly everyone had something going on with their backs (and this was the night before the hike!) The idea to revisit the lessons in the book was met with overwhelming excitement...about 1/2 of the class was present in '08 the 1st time we went through the lessons, they're still practicing yoga, oh yeah I'd say it's working!

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