Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doing FINE?

I am Grateful for consistent progress...

Another post op appointment with Cancer surgeon yesterday, Dr. Flippo says "your doing fine, looks great!" Susan replies "really?" she doesn't think she looks great, doesn't look like the after photos and personal reveals (yes, we met with sweet  ladies in rest rooms and other private spots to look at and discuss the various reconstruction options, it became sort of day while Jack was home from college I said " I'll be right back I'm going with Aunt Susie to Target to take a look at some breast." He said " Wow, I didn't know they had those there?" Funny how we are given abundant Grace and humor to help soften challenging situations and make the difficult seem so doable) Anyway, Susan's Dr. suggested she should educate other women going through this, of the in-between one  told her about, had photos or coping strategies for this bruised, swollen, sore, taped, stitched, waiting phase of the healing process. She had already remarked that she wanted to make her contact information available to others so that she could help them through the uncertainties as so many had done for her and she would "really tell it like it is". I've no doubt about that, I think she'll have an awesome testimony to bless others with. So how is Susan doing? The Websters definition of Fine is all right, being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition, this past week I heard a speaker describe Fine as F-frustrated I-impatient N-neurotic and E-emotional. I think that pretty much sums it up, at times all of the above apply. Thanks for checking in.

Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? __Esther 4:14

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