Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calgon Weekend

Sweet New Immersion Friends

I am Grateful for weekends...

I just returned from the second day of my first Anusara Yoga Immersion. If you"re old enough to  remember the Calgon "take me away" ads that's what it felt like for me. A wonderful mini mat vacation from the current situation at hand (not that it wasn't challenging in fact I'd like to take a Calgon bath right now or better yet soak in a tub of Epson salts) The Immersion is being taught by Sarah Faircloth of Sangati Yoga in Charlotte. She is such a gifted teacher, so welcoming, full of life, bubbly and bright. One of those people you meet and feel like you've known for years. She has a wonderful way of explaining difficult concepts, breaking them down, giving examples, using visual aids, and having us practice and experience it for ourselves, really good stuff!  One of the talking points revolved around settling , accepting things as they are and looking for the good. Love it!


  1. It's funny because in the UK Calgon is a powder used to remove limescale from washing machines!!! The song is "washing machines last longer with Calgon". Not quite as relaxing.

    So glad the yoga is helping. It always does.

  2. Hi Rachel, So UK Calgon takes away limescale, US Calgon takes away worries, both can be equally troublesome, I see a fun yoga class theme developing. Thanks for stopping by!
    Blessings, Nan


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