Friday, August 27, 2010

Practicing Transitions

I am Grateful for all Teachers....

     Wednesday, 1st day of School, Maggie has had 12 -  1st days of school. At first the transition was very difficult, lots of hugs, kisses, backward glances, and, not so much, it's more like me trailing behind her shouting, wear your seat belt, do you have your lunch, call me! Which we all know is against teen nobody talks on the phone code, so I'll get a brief  "I'm here" text message which I will follow with "K smiley face, smiley face!" thats about the extent of my text ability although practice is making my thumbs more adept at it. That transition from summer break to school has definitely gotten easier with practice.
     Also on Wednesday, I taught my  last public yoga class at the aquatic center for a couple of months. I decided to take some time off . The classes today focused on "Practice" and "Muscle Energy" hugging in, staying in alignment, to avoid injury and have a greater expression of the pose, especially during the transitions.  Classes were full and fun! Thanks for all the Hugs and Love XOXO, Nan

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