Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good news bad news...

I am Grateful for
conscientious Doctors...

Good news bad news...
Those are the words the surgeon said after reviewing Susan's films. Please know this is my understanding of what she said (we have a recording to review for those times when the medical lingo was sort of over our, or at least my head) I wanted to get this out there for those following "Susan's Survival Story" I will have more details and possibly corrections as we review what the Doctors said and as things come to mind.  Susan has three different types of cancer at various stages of growth. One being a papaloma - atypical cells not at the point that can be staged yet; one being ductal carcinoma - in situ, meaning the disease has not gone beyond the cell walls of the infected area so it would be considered right before stage one; and one being invasive lobular carcinoma - this one is the one that is of the most concern, but it appears to be a stage one cancer. The Doctor explained that the last type of cancer is extremely hard to detect early because of the nature of it's growth and is rarely caught at stage one, what a Blessing! The Doctor's only recommendation is a mastectomy, due to the location of the various areas she did not feel like a lumpectomy would be advisable. If you know Susan at all you know that decisions are not her strong suit, so that really is a Blessing also.  They will check the lymph nodes during surgery to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the breast, but all the information they have so far leads them to believe it has not. The lymph nodes on her films appear normal to the treatment team, another Blessing. So after a genetic work up and consultation  with plastic surgeon her surgery will be scheduled. We left feeling good about the news so far and Blessed to have such wonderful Doctors caring for her.

Then you will know that I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be disappointed. _Isaiah 49:23

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