Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sizzling Southern Summer

I subbed for Nancy today, always fun to shake things up a bit, teach different classes, see things from a different perspective.
Sadie decided to look at the fountain differently, not only as a source of drinking water, but, also a cooling station. It has been super hot here lately, so she's found a multitasking way to chill out. Laying in the water, it is dripping on her from the bowl above and she is drinking it! Chillaxing for sure.


  1. Heyy Nanny!!

    We got your box!! We loved it all!! My mom loved the scarf (she adores them:) and the lotion! Me and Lil love the accesories and the clothes & books!! We miss you and love you tons!!

    Char & Lil :)

  2. Yeah! So happy you're enjoying the "oh so late" package. Miss you more!
    love, love, love,


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