Friday, July 9, 2010

RE everything

Just returned from a great trip to Highlands, NC where I saw a bag that said "RE everything" got me thinking reuse, recycle, repurpose & what else? The picture is from a REzoning sign currently posted in our front field. We have applied to our town planning committee for a special use permit to allow us to host weddings and other events on the farm. We've had to REthink the way we manage Morning Glory and look for creative ways for it to REmain sustainable. The vote was REscheduled last month and will be REvisited on July 19th. OK enough RE business ( I tend to get a little carried away), so while at the library doing research on Eco-friendly wedding sites I checked out "Younger Next Year for Women" by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, M.D. I think it will be a good read, from the introduction: "Our bodies are programed to do one of two things: either grow or decay. Sitting in front of a screen all day tells our body to decay. Taking a walk or doing yoga tells our body to grow." Wow! so it's like we get a Redo! Have a great weekend, time for me to step away from the screen and get some regrowth going!


  1. Hey Nan, keep me in the loop on what happens with the rezoning. My son Tyler and Katlyn, whom you've met, are thinking they'd like an outdoor wedding. You may have just the spot!


  2. You bet Michelle! The zoning passed, much more to blog about soon. I'll keep you posted.
    Love & Hugs, Nan


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