Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Celebrate your Independence

Mixed level Class today was super full, 24 in all, lots of great energy! One brand new, a few new at the beginning of summer now becoming regulars ( it really makes my heart smile to see students embrace and enjoy Yoga!) there are several yoga friends who come only in the summer due to job schedules, school, etc. It is so much fun to reconnect and enjoy their bright smiling faces in class this time of the year! Gentle Class had 13, 11 fabulous regulars, one brand new who came with a friend (and I think will be back?) and my dear friend Sue who stayed after the first class and helped me with props and adjustments...many thanks always Sue!
Class theme was Independence- def: absence of undue restrictions, freedom from control, influence. In honor of the July 4th Holiday we I borrowed from Emma's blog post What do you declare yourself to be independent from? as a jumping off point asking students to think of things they personally would like to be independent of-like worry, busyness, reactivity or something physical like back pain, achy joints, stiff or sore muscles? And how we should Celebrate the fact that our Yoga practice can allow us to become more & more independent of them. Our apex pose was ustrasana (Camel Pose) which can be quite challenging. We did lots of hip and heart opening, ending with a supported supine back bend, using a rolled blanket at the bottom tips of the shoulder blades (I like mine to be right about where your bra strap would be) arms out to the side at shoulder height with palms facing up. You may have to scoot up or down until you find whats just right for you ...If you are more open a larger roll, even a bolster feels good, if you tend to be a little stiffer in your upper spine then a smaller roll would be great place to start. "You will no longer be a slave to your body, as the independence from it is the greatest gift you can receive."_ Vanda Scaravelli . Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

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