Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Couldn't get a clear connection...

Class theme today was creativity, tho I don't feel that I communicated it very well, never really fleshed it out. It was a good group, mostly regulars with one brand new and a few new to me. I think it may have been a combination...of not enough personal practice it was quite a busy week and I like to go through the sequences myself to be able to offer insights into things that I find helpful so that it comes from a place of knowing (there are some great teachers who can look at a sequence and teach a fabulous class; but, I have to work through it until it feels authentic) . I didn't have a clear plan, usually I write the theme at the top of the page, area of the body or particular principle we will be focusing on, apex pose if there is one, any props that may be necessary, then simply a list of poses w/any special instructions that bring the main ideas together along with a short quote or article relating back to the theme (often I veer off the plan as far as the poses go, sometimes due to the level of experience for the class that shows up, sometimes inspiration steps in and a much better class than the one I planned - as happened last week- comes together. ) Funny how the theme was creativity yet I felt anything but creative! It was like I was trying to connect with the Internet using dial up, it just never quite got there, it came close & would connect for a bit then I'd get knocked off line again. So back at it for next week, do the work, show up, get out of my own way...Grateful to be able to begin again...


  1. Creativity is something that is such a fundamental part of yoga but so so so hard to explain!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You know it! Thanks for dropping by.


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