Monday, June 21, 2010

A Birthday Shout out to Lilly!

Ol Happy Day to you sweet Lilly! (with 3 L's) my Goddaughter Lilly Ann is on my right and her adorable sister Charlotte Nan (my namesake) is on my left.
How lucky am I! Sadly this photo is 4 years old, taken on a looong girl road trip up the California coast from Orange County through Oregon to Gig Harbor, Washington. My very best friend Barbie (known in her more professional mature circles as Barbara) was moving and asked me and Mag to come along for the ride....what a trip it was...5 girls, 1154 miles, tons of gift shops, bathroom breaks, tourist stops, food joints, driving, talking, yelling, laughing, photo ops, amazing scenery and 5 0r 6 days later (can't remember now) we arrived still friends! That pic was taken in Mendocino,CA I think it was my favorite place, absolutely beautiful! If only I were blogging much material...Charlotte did keep a journal, it's great it starts out all upbeat, getting progressively more agitated as the days passed, the final entry in her precious 7 year old wisdom reads "we are driving and driving and driving and we're not out yet and we're so HUNGRY and we can't wait! The End"
I miss you dolls and love you up the coast and back! Happy 8th B-day sweet Lil

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