Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Focus on Feet Anyone?

I taught a class last week w/ Focus on the Feet being inspired from a blog post by La Gitane of Yoga Gyspy check it out there are some fun foot facts and a sequence utilizing some creative ways to build awareness in our feet and how foot placement affects our overall body alignment. I received so many positive comments and questions...that went something like this...."it didn't feel so good while we were doing the class; but afterward WOW my feet felt really great" one sweet student even said "I've been doing the fingers between toes & the rolling toes back & forth from toenail side to bottom of foot side (like my big anatomy vocab cues??) every day".... So I'm thinking if the class has encouraged a home yoga practice...that's a step (sorry I couldn't resist the pun) in the right direction & decided to do some research for "Focus on Feet II" which is where I found Eve of my five minute yoga check out her post on the tennis ball challenge (the flip video above is my interpretation of it, you should read Eve's suggestions then give it a go for yourself) and you really must follow the link she provides showing the fascia, connecting the feet to just below the eyebrows, it is, as she says fascinating!

I've been doing the tennis ball challenge for about a week now and found it to be a great way to sneak in some good yoga, I do it 1st thing in the a.m. while I'm reading a devotional or checking email --which is why my voice is so soft on the flip, sorry, it was early and the husband and teenagers were still snoozing, I thought about redoing it, but think the authentic practice, jammies and all, should be represented.

A great big THANK YOU to La Gitane and Eve for their generous offerings. Please go to their sites and enjoy, there is so much great content on both!


  1. hi! thanks for the comment over my way. of course... link away!!! and, if you ever have a sequence up your sleeve... of course let me know so I may link to you :)



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