Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Charge-Me Saturday

Made a batch of Super-Charge Me! Cookies SOOOO good! you'v got to try them. Lots of times I'll see healthy recipes I want to try and it takes a trip to an Earthfare, Trader Joe's, or Home Economist to get all the ingredients. Not this one! everything was available at Harris Teeter, Yeah! Which super-charged me to whip up a batch this morning I added chopped pecans, chopped dried apricots and left out raisins (not a cooked raisin lover here)They were gone by the start of the Duke /Carolina Game!!!I told my daughter I was making super-charge cookies, she said they sound super-nasty, but she ate them up, YUM! Thank you Dreena for such great tasting goodness.
When you click on Dreena's link it goes to the bottom of the post for some reason so just scroll to the top for the super good cookie recipe. I first saw these on a fun food and fitness blog, so thanks Jeena too!

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