Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is your barn door open?

I woke my sleeping son (home from college for the weekend)yelling "get up Jack we have a cow out" A bit of background is in order here: My adventurous husband and I bought "Morning Glory Farm" 4 years ago - middle age crazy? maybe - it was one of those serendipitous happenings the way it all worked out. So here we are with our 12 goats, 5 cows, 3 horses, 2 dogs, a handful of cats and numerous unnamed critters. My children, Maggie now age 16 and Jackson 19 grew up in a neighborhood until March of 2006. So loose cows were never an issue and open barn doors only meant you'd better check your zipper. If you are an old TV buff, think "Green Acres" only I wear stretchy yoga clothes & sweats instead of feathery robes and Scott changes from his business attire into jeans before getting on the tractor. I think the learning curve for farmers is much like yoga, a lifelong practice never too late to begin and always something new to explore. Just when you think you sort of have things under control (you feel great in a posture, flowing gracefully from one to another) a cow gets out (you blow out a knee, pull a muscle, tear a ligament)! How? Was the barn door open, the fence turned on (was your alignment correct, did you move to quickly)who knows? Gratefully after much running around, arm waving, and my husband telling us "make yourself look big and make lots of noise" the cow/actually a 1200 lb. bull was coaxed back into the pasture. So we go back to the Foundation...checking the fence, gates, electricity (positioning our feet correctly, engaging muscle energy, stabilizing a pose before moving deeper into a posture) February Focus... Foundation


  1. Hi GratefulGal,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Teaching Yoga seems like small peanuts compared to running a farm! It's wonderful and refreshing to learn new things, and as you say, lay new foundations. :)


  2. LaGitane,
    I really appreciate your comment! and yes like our yoga practice the farm can be quite challenging for sure.
    Blessings, Nan

  3. Nice analogies there! Funny post. Thanks for stopping by my "neck of the woods"! Love your blog and will def be back for more!


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