Monday, February 1, 2010

February Focus: Foundation

There is so much to be shared in a yoga class. When preparing I often feel like I have "yoga attention deficit disorder" I just can't seem to focus in and my thoughts are scattered all other the place, I'm like...yeah i want to introduce that, yeah i want to make sure to include that and that takes me over here, which leads my train of thought waaaay off the track.(any other teachers out there have this?) Sarah Powers suggests to filter what needs to be shared. Extract a theme & distill it down to one word. What is the essence of everything your going to share about? Like a control theme, keep coming back to that one word. So anytime you lose track you have that "one word to come home to as a heartbeat in the center." I'm taking her advice and this Month the overriding theme for our classes will be Foundation: thesaurus- base, basis, groundwork, underpinning. Dictionary- support 4 building, usually underground, transfers & distributes weight- support 4 idea, basis of something such as a theory- charitable or educational institution that has been formally set-up with a fund that supports the institution. So if we reduce it down I hear the word support. Sure seems like a good place to start...Foundation...

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