Thursday, February 25, 2010

A balanced foundation

So just as we must modify or assist the soil by adding organic matter so that it can support the growth of whatever we may be planting, we often need to modify or assist our postures so that the foundation is balanced and can support the full expression of the pose. As we come to the end of February we are reminded how very important focusing on our foundation is to the overall sustainability of our practice. We take the time to set our foundation correctly, we check and recheck the placement of our body making sure it is in it's optimal alignment. Once and a while you can get away with slack alignment especially if you are younger;yet, it will eventually catch up with us. Just as the Swiss chard and lettuces would probably grow without the amended soil, though not to their full potential and most certainly the soil, ground, earth, foundation would eventually be depleted. Thankfully Lily, Smarty and Buster supply us with plenty of modifying material and Spring should be delicious!

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