Saturday, January 16, 2010

So much Yoga, so little time...

So maybe this blog can attempt to answer questions that are frequently asked cause maybe others are curious also. So here goes #1- Do you have a home practice? where do you practice? you're a teacher why do you still take classes and go to workshops (the workshop one mainly asked by my husband)???
For me its a matter of necessity, if I don't practice I really don't have anything to share with others. Knowing I have a class to prepare for keeps me committed, my classes are a direct reflection of whatever I am working on in my own practice. I try to do at least a little each day.(some days I am sucessful other days not so much)My main teacher right now is Linda Oelschlaeger, her website is she is a certified Anusara teacher, when I feel like a power class Brooke and Mara are my favorite teachers at Yogaflex, if a hot class is in order I go to Yogaone and Johanna is my favorite instructor, when Iyengar is needed 8th Street Studio with Phyllis Rollins fits the bill. Also I enjoy virtual classes,many studios are streaming live or prerecorded classes (some have a fee some do not) and podcast are always available a few of my favorites include: Lulu Bandhas, Yogamates, Yoga journal, Elsie's Yoga Kula, Hillary's Yoga Practice, Yogamazing, Sage Yoga Training, Yogatoday, Yogavibes, Yogaglo I am sure there are lots of other great opportunities for yoga and fantastic teachers in our area and on the world wide web, these are merely the ones I am personally familiar with. There are lots of yoga books, blogs and periodicals with Sequences and Inspiration. Of course MAFC is a really great place to practice it is equipped with more props than many yoga studios, offering lots of classes and levels to choose from. So know that if its yoga you seek there's plenty to go around.


  1. Thanks Nan. You know I never really thought about practicing at home in additon to my classes at MAFC. I'm definitly going to check out the virtual class. Love your positive attitude.

    Michelle Privette

  2. Dear Michelle, Many thanks! Always a joy to have you in class.
    Blessings, Nan


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