Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good 'n Healthy...

No, its not an oxymoron. This recipe tastes Good (husband approved) and is Healthy! "Jane's Taco Soup": feel free to be creative and use items on hand as substitutions, and add ingredients in quantities to your families taste (I know not exactly cook book approved methods more like...a little of this,taste, a little of that, taste. Sort of like our yoga practice, we get the basic shape of the pose utilizing correct alignment principles and then add our own expression until it feels just right)
This is a friends recipe I tried last week.Its a delicious hearty soup that can be made with or without meat, using fresh or canned produce, depending on availability.
Again like our Yoga classes, these are only suggestions follow your instincts and give it a go.
*1 pound ground turkey breast browned in olive oil with minced garlic and chopped onion seasoned with red pepper flakes, garlic salt and fresh ground pepper, add:
*a can of rotel tomatoes with green chilies
*about 2 cups each of corn, black beans, pinto beans, diced tomatoes ,chicken broth
*a packet of taco seasoning mix & a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing seasoning mix. Stir, Simmer & Serve! YUM!


  1. I saw this recipe on the intranet site at work, and wasn't sure...but, since you are endorsing it, I'll give it a try!

  2. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


Thanks for sharing!