Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksliving Day

I just returned from my first run/walk. It was GREAT the air was refreshingly cold, winter always was my favorite time of the year to run! I thought that running for me had gone the way of short mini skirts and really long hair...enjoyed in years past...and now i should be on to more age appropriate fashion and fitness routines. But, early this Thanksgiving morning as my son headed out the door to do the Charlotte Turkey Trot (his first} my last one, according to the most recent t-shirt I could scrounge up was in 2004, can that be right? 5 years ago?? I felt that familiar race day excitement and wished I was going with him. Now the short skirts and long hair have definitely gone the way of the dodo bird for me...but I feel really confident that there are a few more road races left, not to win, place,or show mind you...just to pin on the number, lace up the chip onto my new balance sneekers and cross the finish line before they open the roads up to traffic. There's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment...

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